Rising from Adversity: Fatuma Hassan’s Journey to Rebuild Amid Disaster

Fatuma Hassan's House
House before repair
House during repair

Fatuma Hassan, a resilient widow in Yaballo village, Moyale Sub-County, faced a string of hardships, enduring both prolonged drought and devastating flash floods. The floods swept away their home, compelling the family of eight to seek refuge with distant relatives, leaving behind all their essential possessions. The loss of livestock during the severe drought added to their struggle, pushing them to live hand-to-mouth. Despite the adversity, Fatuma, single-handedly caring for her seven children since her husband’s passing six years ago, found a glimmer of hope through the support provided by CIFA in collaboration with Christian Aid with funding from START Network.

Responding to the urgent needs of the vulnerable population in Marsabit County, the joint initiative assisted 453 households, benefiting around 2,718 individuals through a 45-day cash transfer project. Fatuma, undeterred by her challenging circumstances, utilized the received Kes 9090 to start building a traditional hut for her family. With their current living space insufficient for the family, this initiative marks a crucial step toward providing a safer and more comfortable home. Fatuma’s resilience and determination epitomize the strength to rise above adversity and reconstruct a future filled with hope for her family.

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