Improve availability and accessibility of safe water:

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 Marsabit County suffers from recurrent droughts affecting human beings and their livestock. Throughout the region, scarcity of water, both for domestic and livestock use is a major problem in the arid and semi-arid lands of northern Kenya and southern Ethiopia. CIFA provides Water Sanitation and Hygiene Program (WASH) designed to improve access to safe water and reduce water-borne diseases among the most vulnerable communities. During the rainy season, the area is prone to outbreak of diseases such as cholera due to poor sanitation. Overstocking is also a major threat to the fragile environment in the region. It was this realization that has made CIFA consider water and environment as key sectors for intervention.                   

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 Key result areas expected in this theme include the following.
Distance to water points from permanent settlements reduced by 5 km (one way).
Cases of water borne diseases reduced.
Access time for dry season grazing extended by two months.
Conflict over resources reduced.
Vulnerability to droughts reduced.


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