wp851d60e6 05 06Pastoralism is the most resilient venture in arid and semi-arid regions due to economical and environmental sustainability. Pastoral communities are situated in harsh climatic conditions and far positioned from key infrastructures such road networks. Several pastoral areas keep few livestock and carry out some small scale farming for their livelihoods. The youths of these communities usually go to nearby town to do some casual jobs and others work in offices. The youths are no longer agents of change to tap the vast resources existing in ASAL areas due to inadequate enabling environment. Pastoral community have been left out of development projects. This has overstretched the communities and further compounded decreased resiliency. Efforts to repel long lived dependency syndrome among pastoral communities is weak thus necessitating participation at local level to improve collective decision making.

wp0bd2a4d7 05 06Over many years, external experts have been seen to have taking lead role in planning for the community development programmes without at all involving the community. This has been noted to have had undesired result of disempowering the communities instead making them develop a widespread dependency syndrome.

CIFA introduced community conversation as a remedy for this situation intended to change community attitudes and be able to come together, identify their problems, and come up with their own solutions to their problem. It also gives the community a voice and have the government structures listen to that voice. It is compulsory to involve the community at wp61279c79 05 06grass root level in all development a genders as the constitution also encourages citizen’s participation in all planning and implementation of all developments in the county. And so community conversation will empower the community members to actively participate in development.