Over years CIFA was able to work under partnership with various international non-governmental organisation as well as local organisation. We always create room for synergies in appropriate intervention areas to in order to meet community demands and satisfy donor expectations. CIFA believes that sustainable development requires long-term relationships and strong mutual commitment. CIFA is committed to the people, environment and equity. CIFAs main objective is to encourage and support local initiatives that enhance sustainable development through adoption of cutting edge technologies and approaches. CIFA promotes the use of local resources, appreciation of local knowledge and experience as the building blocks for development activity. Careful research into the socio-economic, cultural, technical and environmental conditions is an essential pre-requisite for successful investment. Participation of beneficiaries in design, implementation and evaluation is considered essential. Integration of activities, local capacity building, negotiation with beneficiaries and the principle that women and men are considered equal partners are important elements of the development process.