Central to every successful organization is its human resource capacity to put into practice the knowledge and skills it has gained over the years, consequently CIFA has incorporated opportunities for both in-house training and advancement of staffs’ field of expertise to build their capacity to handle various challenges in implementation hence the staff are highly qualified and committed. In addition the staffs are drawn from the various local communities inhabiting the target areas and thus have an added advantage of acquaintance to the local environment they are working in.

Current CIFA Staffs

Adan Wako - C.E.O. 
Beatrice Mwangi - Finance Manager
Jaldesa Dima - Programme Officer
Tarry Johnstone - Programme 
Habiba Golicha - Publich Relations 
Halkano Tato - Finance Officer
Salad Liban - Programme Officer
Halkano Abkula - Programme Officer