About CIFA Kenya

Community Initiative Facilitation and Assistance (CIFA) is a Kenyan international NGO that was formed in 1999 and registered in May 2000. This was after closure of FARM-Africa’s pastoralist development program (PDP), a twelve year project that worked with nomadic pastoralist. Its formation was based on building upon the achievements of FARM-Africa particularly in promoting opportunities for livelihoods improvement for the Nomadic and sedentary pastoralist.
In its efforts to support the pastoralist communities in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia, CIFA formally secured regional status by registering as an NGO in Ethiopia in September 2005. To diversify its strategic niche and strengthen its advocacy role for the pastoralist, CIFA also registered as charity organization in the UK in the year 2007.

Core Values

CIFA is steadfastly committed to the following core values:
- Foster positive community participation and contribution in all its undertakings.
- Non –partisan in its relation to its stakeholders.
- Respect for useful traditional institutions, culture and practices.
- Promotes principles of honesty and integrity in all its undertakings.
- Instill commitment to quality work and excellence.
- Exercise fairness and justice in the management of organization.
- Enhance principle of accountability, transparency and good governance.
- Provide equal opportunities for its entire staff.