please attend the community survey exercise due next week.

please attend review workshop


- 18 training sessions were undertaken for DPC.
- 10 training sessions for WF/YFP were implemented.
- 10 sessions for community sensitisation on importance of peace using (drama (2), songs, and day of peace) were undertaken.
- Local DCs were formed (4 groups in 4 Districts).
- Exchange tours were organised
- 20 dialogue meetings organised
- Lobby for the recognition of traditional peace by-laws was undertaken
- Positive traditional by-laws developed e.g. Maikona declaration
- Five Common by-laws developed between different communities
- Document and institutionalization of conflict management tools.
- One study done on the cases of conflict in target areas.
- A consultant report on causes of conflict was developed.

kindly, attend the meeting on monday.



- 4 training sessions of cross border committee undertaken.
- 2 committees of cross border formed.
- 15 meetings of opinion leaders were supported.
- One local cross border policy document was developed.